Pool Maintenance

Basic Pool/Spa Maintenance
Periodic maintenance and cleaning will help ensure a long life for your Pool/Spa.
Once a month, the filter should be cleaned using a product specifically designed for filter cleaning and degreasing. Your Pool/Spa authorized dealer can recommend an appropriate product.
The pool/spa surfaces also need some occasional TLC. Between refills or as needed, clean the surface using a dealer authorized cleaner. If scale has formed, your dealer may need to select a stain and scale remover to get the job done. This is also the ideal time to give your pool/spa surface some extra protection, applying a dealer approved protectant and sealant.
Proper water balance is also key to your pool/spa’s performance. Sanitizing, protecting against mineral deposits, and controlling foam and algae will all support superior spa performance. For more information on water balance, see the water maintenance section below.
Water Maintenance
Proper water maintenance is a vital element in any pool/spa. Warm temperatures and a unique set of conditions require that you properly test and maintain your pool/spa water for health and appearance reasons. With little effort, however, you can have clean water and total enjoyment from your Spa.
The cozy environment of your spa can be maintained by minding three main components – water filtration, chemical balance/pH control and water sanitation.
Water sanitation is tops on your to-do list, and can be achieved through the regular addition of a sanitizer approved by your Pool/Spa dealer. The sanitizer – typically a bromine- or chlorine-based product – controls the bacteria and algae in the pool/spa water.
The introduction of the bacteria-fighting products necessitates that you monitor your water balance. You will have to add products to maintain proper levels of Total Alkalinity (TA), Calcium Hardness (CH) and pH. Chemical balance helps keep the water clean and your guests soaking in comfort, but it also promotes the longevity of your pool/spa. Proper balance repels mineral deposits and makes equipment resistant to corrosion.
Frequent testing of the water – preferably weekly – will allow you to maintain the proper balance.
Your Pool/Spa dealer can point you toward the appropriate spa care products. When treating your water, be certain to follow the spa care product manufacturer’s label instructions.